Latin study brings with it an impressive list of benefits.  Click on each below to learn more.


  1. The Latin language itself is beautiful and foundational to our culture and history.  For those in the West, Latin’s imprint and impact is so ubiquitous (a great Latin-derived word!),  that to study it is to study our very selves.
  2. Since 60-75% (depending on who’s counting and how) of English words come from Latin roots, learn the roots and turbo-charge your acquisition of English vocabulary.
  3. Latin helps you gain grammar skills and understanding, which can be applied to English as well as foreign languages, especially the Romance language.
  4. Want to build brainpower?  To study Latin is to become more observant, analytical, logical, and accurate in your thinking.
  5. Examining Roman history (the deeds of those ancients who first spoke the language) exposes students to moral, social, political, and economic lessons relevant to our own time.   It’s a way to gain wisdom. As the saying goes, Those who don’t remember history….
  6. Latin students as a group score higher on the verbal portion of the SAT test than students of any other language.  Yes, this is a rather crass appeal but the statistics bear it out!