Claudius.edible viaThe BigBooks of LivelyLatin are adaptable for use in classes or co-ops, where students meet once or more times per week to study Latin together.

I use the BigBooks in my own local once-a-week Latin classes, and find that they are very effective since they:

  • Provide plenty of exercises for homework,
  • Offer support through the online teaching videos that students can watch at home if they need a refresher or review of a concept,
  • Contain a mix of grammar, English derivative exercises, and history to keep student interest between class meetings,
  • Offer online vocabulary games for a fun way to review Latin words.

Having these resources in the hands of the students throughout the week allows me to focus class time on:

1. Review of chants and vocabulary with picture flashcards (Click here for printable cards).

2. Playing vocabulary games such as Memory (with picture flashcards), Hangman, Pictionary, Gender Swipe, Baseball, etc.

3. Paying grammar games such as Show Me the Case, Show Me Who’s doing the Action, Battleship, Swat, etc.

4. Reviewing homework (I give stickers for completed work–smelly stickers are most in demand, even by older students!)

5.  Introducing the new grammar lessons (1 or 2 mini-lessons from the BigBook).

6.  Acting out history stories

7. Working on crafts or projects

8. Student presentations

9.  Any other fun and educational ideas that students or I come up with!

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